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About Tipster Connection

www.tipsterconnection.com is a site established since year 2009 as an independent verification services to guarantee the records shown on tipster site are true and buyers get what they see. After running our services online successfully for over 4 years we had upgrade our site a more advanced verification system, tipster that registered with us required to submit all their daily tips to us and our system will keep track the tipster performance as a reference for punters before making decission to purchase any of the tipster services.

If you are running a serious betting service or just looking to proof and track your personal records, we have good news - with a few clicks you can boost your business getting featured and verified at tipsterconnection.com. Just some of the reasons why this will work big in your behalf:

Gaining credibility

While the interest to paid picks keeps growing (so do scams), the betting public gets more and more aware and distant to services which don't verify their records at independent third parties - surveys show that more than 80% of the potential customers turn away because the lack of proofed stats. Here we are to change things, having the "verified" badge of widely recognized and trusted portal as TipsterConnection.com will grant your service a maximum level of credibility meaning many new customers.

Strong advertising effect

Unlike the rest proofing services which have smaller and narrow-profiled audience, Tipsterconnection.com verified is part of a popular betting site visited by thousands potential buyers every day. While being an active user you can also promote and discuss your service in the Tipsterconnection chat section.

Keeping detailed and clear records

The records layout at Tipsterconnection.com is designed according to the most used and understandable standard that allows visitors to evaluate / compare services easily and fast. This can be a core feature for services that don't have automated betting stats on their site.

Lowest service fee

Subscriptions cost down to 50 USD per month

How to get verified?

Using our service is simple and easy - after registration and ordering a subscription the tipster just needs to log in and insert his picks via a simple submitting form. Users can also update by themselves the description of their service, site URL, contact details etc.

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