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Register as a Tipster Connection for Sports Tipster

TipsterConnection is designed to be your one-stop access point for soccer betting and soccer advise since the year of 2010. With our platform improved in now TipsterConnection able to let sports tipster to register and submit their daily selection. Submitted tips will be store in our system and once the game had ended, our system able to decide the result of the tip and auto update the tipster track records. Visitor that come thru TipsterConnection able to view the track records of all tipsters under our network.

The system is not complicated but able to clear punters one big concerns, honesty.

To register as a TipsterConnection tipster is easy, please follow the steps below.


Register with your website, email and password. Register here

Put the html widget into your website / blog.

Copy the generated html code into your website pages.

Wait for application approval

TipsterConnection will review your site for proper code input.

Pay subscription fees of $50

Login and pay the subscription fees with paypal. Login here

Submit your daily tips for track records.

Submit your daily tips to www.tipsterconnection.com and be a verified seller.

Tipsterconnection statistic

Number of tips verified by TIpsterConnection


Profits made by tipsters in TipsterConnection


The records layout at Tipsterconnection.com is designed according to the most used and understandable standard that allows visitors to evaluate / compare services easily and fast.

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