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Just wanted to say, as a long time customer, I think your site is superb! Huge help in tipster down selections.

Jack Tan

I love your monitoring system and the tipsters. It has been a very lucrative investment for me the past three years


I honestly believe that your tipsters here is the very best available. When you carefully select a group of genuine tipsters. You get an amazingly accurate look into the future of profits.


I have used your tipsters to make money for our proprietary and customer accounts for many years. Your monitoring method is especially effective. Over the past three years, my clients are up 76.9 Net Units as of this writing. A large part of our success is due to your tipsters excellent tips. Most of what is on the market is no genuine. Thank you for making such a great product available to us.

Eiji Nagaoka

You guys are the most honest, trustworthy, winning handicapping service out there!! Quite simply.. There's tipsterconection, then all the rest.

Tommy Munro

My brother an I have been with eight services over the last six years, our search is over! TIPSTERCONNECTION ROCKS!!!!!

Richard B. Rincon

I have enjoyed your service. I already signed up with 6 of your tipsters this month. I just wanted to make sure that I have a consistent service as it appears you are and you hit that high %. I have been made the happiest guy on the planet.

Desmond Chua

Glad you took the time to speak to me, to tell me the long-term about this business and its not about one day or one game. You sure are persistent. And Happy New Year!


I just wanted to thank you guys for the great run as of late. I am killing my local, and I love doing that!

William P. Cape

I have tried many services in the past with terrible results, but soccerbuck.com picks and money management system really produces result!

Dimitri Romani

Thanks for making gambling so much fun again... My bookie hates you, lol.

Billy Spencer

You have been one of the best services I have ever seen...and I have used a lot of tipster services. Most are just scammers. I thank you! You are one of the best online tools.


To soccerbuck.com, this was the best month I ever had since I started and believe me I have tried several services none of which come close to yours for timely posting of your picks and results. Keep up the great work.


Just wanted to thank you and your staff for providing an honest tipping services. You do what you say you will and show honest figures of all the tipsters here.


I gonna said great job to you guys, the monitoring and tipster services. keep up the great work!!!

Suguru Akita

I have been using tipsterconnection for over 6 months now. Great service! The tipsters tips are dead on everyday. Keep up the great work!!

Kevin Young

I wanted to write a testimonial to tipster 188tipster, they told me writing here is the same. Just like to say how honest your site is. You don't state overrated claims that can't be backed up by your results. You keep consistent on your picks, there are some losing days but with your star rating I still seem to come out on top.

Mario Fruehauf

I am very impressed with your tipsters services. You guys know what your doing! Keep it up and your have a forever supporter.

Bryan Lu

Thank you tipsterconnection for introduce me the tipster pinnacletipster.com. I have great profits for 3 streak weeks now.


You will not find a group with more integrity or a larger base of big name clients than the Tipsterconnection. They are not only pioneers of online monitoring, they continue to revolutionize it.


Tipsterconnection is a excellent site for the public to view the W/L records of the professional tipsters. This is a great site for the tipsters because they makes it simple to use and is doing a top notch job in marketing the site. Tipsterconnection will continue to to grow with information that the public is looking for in selecting a tipster.

John S. Carlson

Tipsterconnection runs a top notch, first class operation. We have worked with them for over a year and he has been upfront and honest in all our dealings. Honesty and integrity are hard to find in a business ripe with cheats. Bottom Line: Tipsterconnection is a service that keeps accurate stats and is fair and equal with all.

Aston Eliasson

I have known tipsterconnection for awhile and have enjoyed my dealings with their tipsters. Without a doubt, the tipsterconnection continues to be a cut above the rest because of their honesty, integrity, and relentless work ethic. Will continue to participate and support tipsterconnection.

Connor Simmons

I have a Few words to say about Tipsterconnection monitoring service. This monitoring service is Top Notch and The best in the industry. Everything is done very Professional. I have been with other Monitoring services but tipsterconnection by far is the best out there. tipsterconnection will also break his back in anyway to help you out. I know this because he has done it for me, and thank him big time.

Thomas Lowe

I just wanted to thank you for changing the tipping industry and making it an honest business where the public knows a tipster true won and lost record. I left the industry a while ago because if you can't trust the police the public gets ripped off. You are the police that polices the police. Thank you for making it a business I'm proud to be in.

Milenko Milic

I don't know much about sports but I know alot about investing and the return I have gotten since being with you guys has been a sound one. Keep up the tremendous work!!


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