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Soccer Betting Advice and Live Score Updates

Soccer betting has been popular all around the world for hundreds of years because it is one of the most sought after sports. Right now, soccer betting is considered as the most interesting among all sports bet in the world with millions of people playing soccer bets every year through various online sports books and betting experts.

Looking For A Reliable Sports Betting Source?

There are numerous online books advising on how to place a sports bet and soccer prediction websites out there that allow people of Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, Greece, Ukraine, Romania, Canada and other countries to play their soccer bet. However, if soccer betting is your passion, it is in your best interest to know which of these websites and online sports tip resource is reliable in giving the best soccer betting advice. For all your sports betting needs, Tipster Connection is here for you to give you the best timely soccer tips.

Tipster Connection is specially designed to provide a one-stop solution for soccer betting and soccer advise. On Tipster Connection, you will surely get the utmost satisfaction for your soccer passion with the best soccer advise and soccer tips. With a wide range of soccer information and updated soccer livescores, our soccer experts are designated to provide best sports bet advice to soccer punters and online business investors.

With unique and perfect soccer tipster services, Tipster Connection has established its name as one of the best soccer betting advisory service operating on the internet today. If you are new to online soccer betting or want to add stars to your sports betting accounts portfolio, all you need is to take advice from our soccer experts and achieve the steep of success curve. Because of vast experience and great knowledge about the game and statistics, our betting experts are able to present best soccer tipster for you that can surely help your steer your wagers in the right direction.

Unmatched Sports Bet Advice From Tipster Connection

Our experts are not only able to give you best sports tip and betting advice, but will also offer you with the best soccer predictions. Amidst a jungle of online sports betting sites, it is sometimes hard to decide where to turn to get the best betting advice. Let our soccer experts handle the betting issues by keeping an eye on soccer livescores and show you a clear path from where you can get the best possibilities to win your bets. Our team of experts helps our punters to verified soccer tipster to prevent scam tipster.

It's not difficult to win bets in soccer once you are involved with Tipster Connection, as we are committed to provide only genuine and profitable sports bet tips. Our expert soccer tipsters in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, Greece, Ukraine, Romania, and Canada are dedicated full time to provide the punters with the best sports betting tips by using their personal knowledge about the sport while keeping an eye on latest statistics of players performance and soccer livescores.

Tipsters Perfomance Table

No Tipster Total Win Draw Lose Odds Hits % Running
1. TopInsiderBet
7295 6429 54 666 2.56 88.79 3 TIPS Visit Website Record Table
2. ISoccerPrediction
7551 6677 24 679 2.41 88.71 2 TIPS Visit Website Record Table
3. TheInsiderBet
7571 6440 37 939 2.39 85.48 4 TIPS Visit Website Record Table
4. AsiaBets88
5061 4688 2 274 2.55 92.67 2 TIPS Visit Website Record Table
5. SureWinTip
7376 5995 64 1188 2.25 81.99 3 TIPS Visit Website Record Table
6. TopWinningBet
4911 4216 11 592 2.37 86.04 2 TIPS Visit Website Record Table
7. SoccerSureBet
2549 2311 20 170 2.08 91.38 1 TIPS Visit Website Record Table
8. 188Tipster
2538 2232 30 221 2.08 89.00 1 TIPS Visit Website Record Table
9. SoccersTake
2603 2280 43 229 2.02 89.06 1 TIPS Visit Website Record Table
10. SoccerOnlines
2523 2195 26 256 2.07 87.91 2 TIPS Visit Website Record Table
11. SoccerWinningWay
2555 2186 37 277 2.08 86.81 1 TIPS Visit Website Record Table
12. TheSoccerBetting
2528 2157 46 269 2.05 86.91 1 TIPS Visit Website Record Table
13. Pick2Win
2564 2163 46 290 2.04 85.90 1 TIPS Visit Website Record Table
14. SoccerBuck
2553 2094 53 359 2.04 83.76 1 TIPS Visit Website Record Table
15. PinnacleTipster
2543 2035 58 393 2.02 81.89 1 TIPS Visit Website Record Table
16. 1Tipster
1550 1325 17 187 2.05 86.43 0 TIPS Visit Website Record Table

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